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There's a lot of sources to find them. I may suggest Googleing, "Drake ESPY'S" and look for the pics with Drake and skylar. They would show you pics of his back. And the new tats are visible on his back.


thanks anon! u da best :)

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Yeah, he covered up the old CN tower with the eye, then got a brand new CN tower (looks taller) behind that same arm. And he got a tattoo of a jug and a spoon (represents his two body guards)


woooow where can i pics of the cutlery tats? lol

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Oooh girl.... You REAL late with that.. That's an eye tattoo. He moved the CN tower to the back of that same arm.


LMAO ive been MIA with the drake business. what do u mean he moved it??? so he has two now? or he covered up the old one with the eye?? wth im so confused

the fuck is that on his right arm??? when did he get that?

Drake at ESPYS Award 2014




omg :(

he’s like 6’2, how tall is she?

he’s not 6’2 he’s 6’0